The Salvation Army in southern Elkhart County is able to help with the following Social Service needs the townships of Olive, Harrison, Elkhart, Clinton, Locke, Union, Jackson, Benton and Jefferson.  We help Concord residents within the city limits of Goshen.

The following assistance is available from the Goshen Salvation Army:

Food Assistance – given in an emergency situation, one can access the food pantry every sixty (60) days.

Utility Assistance – Applicant(s) must have already seen the Trustee and assistance was given or denied. The applicant must live in the residence of a township that is within Goshen Salvation Army’s service area. Applicant’s utility must be in their legal name.  The applicant must have received a notification of a disconnection of service, is already disconnected, or has a credit agreement in jeopardy of failing. The Goshen Salvation Army may be able to provide up to $200 on one month’s assistance.

Prescription Medication Assistance – The Goshen Salvation Army may provide assistance for prescriptions in an emergency situation for non-ongoing prescriptions up to $100.  This is a one-time basis assistance.

Those seeking assistance need to bring with them identification (such as a driver's license, green card, government ID, birth certificate, etc) for those seeking assistance.

We reserve the right to make final decisions as to the nature and amount of assistance given, or if assistance will be denied. Grounds for denial of service will be determined by The Salvation Army of Goshen, based on:  inaccurate or misleading information given by a client, a record of frequent assistance from us in a calendar year, or fraudulent use of our assistance forms or other items.

 Our goal, as a short-term emergency assistance agency, is to promote client independence.  Therefore, we try to avoid continuously repeating assistance to a particular client.